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My Perfect Team

Yak's BlogPosted by yak Thu, November 24, 2011 12:39:24

We’ve all had thoughts of what the perfect team would be, so let me introduce my perfect Leicester Blue Sox team

Pitcher: Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers)

The 2011 Cy Young award winner and American League MVP went 24-5 with an era of 2.40 this season. He helped his team from the mid position in the AL Central to go onto win it and lead them to the ALCS series against the Texas Rangers.

Catcher: Yadier Molina (St Louis Cardinals)

He finished the season after lifting the World Series Trophy with a .305 AVG and 14 Home Runs. Defensively he is superb, he knows what he’s doing behind the plate and knows what’s happening with the runners on base.

1st Base: Michael Morse (Washington Nationals)

Michael Morse has seemed to become somewhat of a crowd favourite and the Nationals ballpark in D.C. With his 31 Home Runs this season and .303 AVG no wonder the people of Washington love watching him play.

2nd Base: Dustin Pedrioa (Boston Red Sox)

Standing at only 5 foot 9’ he is one of the shortest major leaguers but he stands out above the rest of the league’s 2nd basemen. But yet again this Gold Glover has had an outstanding season, finishing with a .307 AVG with 21 Home Runs.

Short Stop: Troy Tulowitzki (Colorado Rockies)

This man has the making of a young Derek Jeter but with the power bat of a home run slugger, finishing his season with 30 ‘taters and with a .302 AVG. He is agile at his position and can move about the diamond and make plays all day long.

3rd Base: Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay Rays)

Evan is a real team leader and knows how to act in the clutch, as well with this he knows how to play the hot corner with a perfect step and great arm he always seems to get the out. He finished the season with a .244 AVG and 31 home runs.

Left Field: Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers)

This man is one of the best defensive left fielders in the game as well as being a Trojan hitter at the plate. He makes great plays in the outfield and knows how to play his position well, his work at the plate this season was without a doubt one of the best of his career. He finished the year with 33 dingers and a .332 AVG.

Centre Field: Jacoby Ellsbury (Boston Red Sox)

Ellsbury wasn’t known for his home run power, he was more based on speed and that’s why most of the season he led off for the Boston Red Sox. But after having a 2010 plagued with injury, he came back with vengeance hitting a career high 32 home runs and an outstanding .321 AVG.

Right Field: Jose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays)

This guy is an absolute beast at the plate, last year he slugged 54 home runs out of the park and this year was no different, he managed to get 43 over the fence finishing with a .302 AVG. Sometimes when players have the power and strength to hit home runs, their average doesn’t compromise with it. Even though they may hit 30+ home runs their average could AVG be under .250. But with Bautista he can hit for power and AVG. Plus he is an exceptional right fielder.

Set-up Man 7th inning: Tyler Clippard (Washington Nationals)

This pitcher it’s not well known in the whole of MLB, fighting against other Set-up men for a chance in the spotlight. But this year Tyler Clippard was one of the best pitchers in this role in the whole of baseball. He went 3-0 posting an ERA of 1.83 and 104 strike outs in only 88.1 innings pitched. He is the ideal set-up man coming in when runners are on base or there’s a big out needed.

Set-up Man 8th inning: David Robertson (New York Yankees)

Robertson knows what to throw and where to throw it when he comes into the game in the 8th inning. He was a pitcher that in the whole of the MLB was most successful with getting out of an inning when runners where on base without giving up an earned run. He works the best when the bases are loaded as he has shown on multiple times this season. He finished the year with an ERA of 1.08 and a 4-0 record, he also had 100 strike outs in on 66.2 innings pitched.

Closer: Mariano Rivera (New York Yankees)

With David Robertson doing his job, it’s now time to ‘Enter The Sandman’ to get the final 3 outs. This year Mo celebrated becoming the top saves leader in the whole of the MLB with 602 recorded saves, ensuring him a place in the Hall Of Fame. Although it wasn’t one of his best seasons as a closer he still knows how to work the mound with 44 saves and an ERA of 1.91. He can do all this with only one pitch and that’s his famous Cutter, which confuses and freezes the batters at the plates when facing it.

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Plans, Trades and Free Agency

Yak's BlogPosted by yak Mon, November 21, 2011 17:27:12

Now that the season has ended and the St Louis Cardinals have lifted their 11th World Series title, it is time for the club owners and general managers to get their heads together and start thinking about next season.

The thoughts that process through their minds are ‘What is lacking in our club?’ and ‘What can get us to a World Series Championship?’ Along with many other un-answerable questions. Their focus may be on strengthening their starting rotation or getting ‘big bats’ into their club, these are the two main exploits that a club may focus on. After this their work may focus more towards the bullpen, speed, glove and stamina.

Attracting big names of the game to certain ballparks will make ticket sales go up tenfold. For example the Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) set the record this season with the lowest attendance of only 347 people. But lately they have shown interest in one of the game’s biggest names Albert Pujols. If they can manage to attract him to a big contract, ticket sales will rise for the chance to see this MVP and two times World Series Champion.

There will be many speculations of people getting traded over the next couple of months leading up to spring training and here at Leicester Blue Sox we will be covering the majority of trades that are happening.

The Phillies seem to be a team that are trying to rebuild after their unlikely exit to the World Series this year. Already they have acquired some depth into their bullpen by signing Jonathan Papelbon from the Boston Red Sox. Along with this it seems that they have added Ty Wigginton to their bench and also Jim Thome, both of which are veterans of the game and are still both very versatile.

Who knows may be if the Leicester Blue Sox got a bid on someone we could have Curtis Granderson playing for us next season.

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How it started

Yak's BlogPosted by yak Thu, November 17, 2011 23:04:16

Living and being raised in the UK means one of three things, either play football, rugby or cricket. With football and rugby I’ve had my years playing these games, but never stuck to them from lack of interest in the sport.

But from a young age in primary school I’ve always enjoyed playing rounder’s and softball, but never been interested in playing cricket. If only back then there were youth baseball teams that they have going on now in the UK.

My love for baseball exploded when I went to the United States in 2006 and went to my very first baseball game. Leading up to the game I looked into the sport to understand about the MLB, I juggled around ‘supporting’ different teams. But when I went to Yankee stadium I knew I had found the right team for me. One of my fondest memories of that trip was seeing Bernie Williams hitting a bases clearing double and leading the Yankees onto a 6-1 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Ever since then I recorded and tuned into Channel 5 with Jonny Gould and Josh Chetwynd every Wednesday and Sunday night to watch a weekly game. At this point my love for the game had expanded so much I didn’t care who was playing, I was enjoying watching it so I could learn the game better and understand some of the fundamentals.

But it wasn’t until this year 2011 that I finally managed to find a team to play for and that was the Leicester Blue Sox. This team is defiantly better than the rugby and football clubs I’ve played for in the past, the people here are great and really enjoy the game. What I prefer about this is that with football and rugby, people may only join teams because they’ve been subdued into it by their parents or have started playing it to look and feel good, but with this Blue Sox team people have joined it for the love of baseball and the game.

It pleases me that I have been ask to write blogs and new reports for the Leicester Blue Sox which makes me feel a massive part of this team.

Watch out American and National league the Blue Sox are coming.

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