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2011 Awards Night and Hall of Fame Induction Wrap-Up

NewsPosted by admin Sun, October 09, 2011 22:03:47

The Blue Sox nation was in full effect on Saturday to celebrate the club’s end of season awards night.

Once again, it was an evening of great merry making at The Beacon in Loughborough - going on into the early hours with a subsequent Blue Sox bar crawl!!

A wrap-up of the awards are listed below:

Blue Sox 1

Walks – Denny Walker
Stolen Bases – Dave Burke
Hits – Denny Walker
Runs – Denny Walker
RBI – Randy Vandervoort
Batting Champion – Cory Shackleton
Golden Glove – Andy Goves
Pitching Champion – Randy Vandervoort
Dean Coley MVP – Denny Walker

Blue Sox 2

Walks – James Monohan
Stolen Bases – James Monohan
Hits – Tom Smith
Runs – James Monohan
RBI – Phil Rudkin & Sam Brown (tied)
Batting Champion – Tom Smith
Golden Glove – James Monohan
Pitching Champion – Paul Williams
Dean Coley MVP – Paul Williams

Club Awards

Spirit of Blue Sox – Dave Burke
Rookie of the Year – Phil Rudkin

2011 Life Members

In addition, the club paid tribute to the non-playing contributions of Shaun Hill and Tim Davidson to the Blue Sox cause over the past five years. They were duly awarded Life Membership of the club and we hope they continue to serve us in their ‘unsung hero’ roles in the future.

2011 Hall of Fame Induction

The night concluded with the induction of our first ever members into the Leicester Blue Sox hall of fame. Denny Walker and Mark Meredith have recently announced their retirement from league action and their playing contribution over the past five seasons were celebrated in fine fashion.

A new Hall of Fame section has been especially created on our website, featuring player bios and career stats.

A full photo album of the evening can also be found here.

Finally the club would like to thank Damian Holland for once again capturing the night on film.

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