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Plans, Trades and Free Agency

Yak's BlogPosted by yak Mon, November 21, 2011 17:27:12

Now that the season has ended and the St Louis Cardinals have lifted their 11th World Series title, it is time for the club owners and general managers to get their heads together and start thinking about next season.

The thoughts that process through their minds are ‘What is lacking in our club?’ and ‘What can get us to a World Series Championship?’ Along with many other un-answerable questions. Their focus may be on strengthening their starting rotation or getting ‘big bats’ into their club, these are the two main exploits that a club may focus on. After this their work may focus more towards the bullpen, speed, glove and stamina.

Attracting big names of the game to certain ballparks will make ticket sales go up tenfold. For example the Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) set the record this season with the lowest attendance of only 347 people. But lately they have shown interest in one of the game’s biggest names Albert Pujols. If they can manage to attract him to a big contract, ticket sales will rise for the chance to see this MVP and two times World Series Champion.

There will be many speculations of people getting traded over the next couple of months leading up to spring training and here at Leicester Blue Sox we will be covering the majority of trades that are happening.

The Phillies seem to be a team that are trying to rebuild after their unlikely exit to the World Series this year. Already they have acquired some depth into their bullpen by signing Jonathan Papelbon from the Boston Red Sox. Along with this it seems that they have added Ty Wigginton to their bench and also Jim Thome, both of which are veterans of the game and are still both very versatile.

Who knows may be if the Leicester Blue Sox got a bid on someone we could have Curtis Granderson playing for us next season.

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