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Official club statement: Blue Sox decline playoff life-line

NewsPosted by admin Tue, August 25, 2015 13:17:35

Leicester Blue Sox have officially declined the BBF's offer to participate in the 2015 post-season playoffs.

Our understanding is a playoff spot has been vacated by Liverpool Trojans regarding BBF byelaw breach and our club was yesterday offered the opportunity to playoff against the 2015 Central AAA Champions Birmingham Bandits for a place in the NBC semi-finals at Farnham Park.

The offer is not an unprecedented step as teams from other regions have gap-filled in previous playoff campaigns.

There has been widespread discussion on social media about the legitimacy of the BBF decision, bearing in mind Blue Sox Chair Matt Crawshaw is also a Federation board member.

Having listened to this feedback, the club feel it is in the best interests of the sport to turn down the BBF's offer and hope this sets a precedent in the future over no longer offering playoff spots to teams that did not qualify in the first place.

Crawshaw said "Liverpool are a team in transition and we appreciate the difficulties they have gone through this season. Our claim to a playoff spot is no more legitimate than their's and we hope the BBF will simply allow a bye for Birmingham Bandits into the next round".

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