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Midland Spring League – pre-season baseball in April!

EventsPosted by admin Tue, April 04, 2017 13:49:22

The 2017 baseball pre-season gets underway this month in our region, courtesy of the Midlands Spring League (MSL)

Planned by the new BBF Central sub-committee, the MSL will organise a schedule of games over three consecutive Sundays, starting on 9th April.

The schedule of games for each Sunday is as follows:

Leicester - Western Park

9th April

10.00-12.00 Leicester Blue Sox v Birmingham Bandits
12.15-14.15 Milton Keynes Bucks v Stourbridge Titans
14.30-16.30 East Midlands Wolfpack v Northampton Centurions

16th April

10.00-12.00 Milton Keynes Bucks v Leicester Blue Sox
12.15-14.15 Birmingham Bandits v Long Eaton Storm
14.30-16.30 Leicester Blue Sox v Stourbridge Titans

23rd April

10.00-12.00 Leicester Blue Sox v Long Eaton Storm
12.15-14.15 Long Eaton Storm v Stourbridge Titans
14.30-16.30 Milton Keynes Bucks v Birmingham Bandits

Birmingham - Marston Green

23rd April

12.15-14.15 Northampton Centurions v Birmingham Outlaws
14.30-16.30 Birmingham Outlaws v East Midlands Wolfpack

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