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Leicester Blue Sox adult baseball 2018

NewsPosted by admin Sat, January 13, 2018 13:24:55

Welcome to another exciting season of baseball at Western Park!

The below player briefing should help you prepare for our upcoming pre-season events and hopefully answer any questions you have about membership and training.

Indoor pre-season training

The club has decided to open up it's upcoming Boot Camp sessions to all Blue Sox players both existing and those new to the club in 2018.

Our main focus in these indoor sessions will be pitching and catching as well as batting practice, including the use of a full speed pitching machine.

The dates of the sessions are as follows (all 2.30pm-4.30pm):

Sunday 4 February 2018

Sunday 11 February 2018

Sunday 18 February 2018

There will be a small fee of £5 per player at each session to help cover the cost of hall hire.

Anyone who has paid deposits in anticipation of this year’s Boot Camp will get free entry to these sessions and the balance will be credited towards their 2018 membership fee.


Brockington College Indoor Sports Hall

Blaby Road



LE19 4AQ

Google map:

Outdoor pre-season training

Following the completion of our indoor sessions, we then expect to move onto the 3G surface at Brockington College on Sunday 25 February and Sunday 4 March (times to be confirmed).

We then have our annual field renovations date scheduled at Western Park on Saturday 10 March.

Providing the weather is fine and we complete our expected field work, outdoor training will then move to Western Park from Sunday 11 March for the rest of the pre-season.

Baseball team and league

The club will only be registering one adult baseball team into the British Baseball Federation league in 2018.

Last year we ran a second team East Midlands Wolfpack which was joint venture with our friends at the Long Eaton Storm baseball club. However, both clubs have lost a number of players from their first team during the off-season and we will need to promote players from the Wolfpack to their respective club’s first team in 2018.

Overall the Wolfpack project has been a great success, as it has got many adult beginners game time last season and provided them with a pathway towards first team baseball.

We may resurrect the Wolfpack in future seasons, where we identify a surplus of new players across the regions.


You can pay your membership all in one go (discounted annual membership) or pay in instalments.

The amount of annual membership is £120 and needs to be paid by 13 April 2018. If this payment has not been made in full by that date, your membership will be assumed to be 'pay as you go'.

The 'pay as you go' deposit is £30 which needs to be paid by 30 April 2018. Thereafter your remaining payments are £25 by 31 May 2018, £25 by 29 June 2018, £25 by 31 July 2018 and your final £25 by 31 August 2018.

We would prefer that you pay your membership by online banking in the club account.


All adult players who wish to be considered for our team need to register online via this form:

In addition, all players needs to sign up for the BAND app, which is used for training, game and event notifications.

Open this invite link below on your iPhone, Android, or desktop.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Blue Sox for pre-season 2018!

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